The Time of the Year

A relationship between Diana, a compulsive liar, and Tom, a compulsive believer, somehow works out.
After a rocky start, when Diana said, “meet me at 9am at Starbucks,” and Tom showed up, and Diana didn’t.

Then Diana said, “No, I meant meet me at the corner of Main Street and 1st at 11am,” and Tom showed up, and Diana didn’t.

And then Tom said, “Come over to my place tonight,” and Diana replied “I’ll be there!” but she wasn’t.

The two finally connected at a slam poetry reading. Diana had told Tom she’d meet him at the NJ Nets game, but then Tom decided to not show up and instead went to Uncommonly Ground Coffee Shop, signing up to read his latest work: “I believe in you.”

Meanwhile, Diana, who had agreed to go on a date with Freddy (she didn’t go), went instead to her usual hang-out coffee shop, arriving just in time to hear Tom reading his work. After a tumultuous one-night stand, Diana said “I’m leaving.”

She stayed.

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