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antibromic: To be against stinky cheese…but for cheese in general

history: Samuel Cheddar was the first to use this term. He had a love/hate affair with Gwyneth “Stone-Ground” Cracker, but when she left him for Jorge Apestoso, Cheddar lit a fire in the basement of his home and melted himself to death. However, when he reformed as “Smoked” Samuel Cheddar, and found God, he began a campaign against all stinky cheese. Known in southern England as “getting pepperjacked,” Smoked Samuel began a reign of terror that was only quenched when the famed Italian general, mud wrestler, and overall chinese checkers champion La Prosciutto arrived and was promptly eaten along with Smoked Samuel. When the dust finally settled, it was agreed by all that all cheese hate crimes would be punishable by fondue, and thus the word antibromic was coined.

To be antibromic is to believe that the stinky few are the worst thing that happened since people started using that stupid term “after sliced bread.”