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acomia (n): ancient Islandic tradition of melting butter on priceless paintings and “hoping for the best.”

I’m not sure how this “ancient” process developed, or on what priceless paintings it’s been attempted on, but I wish they’d head on down to MOMA. 

A lot of those “pieces” could use a little butter – I guess what I’m saying is that a red square on a white canvass is a little dry…


commetism (n): the belief one is on an island though one is clearly surrounded by land.

Coined in 2004 by venerated journalist Ross Foss of the Main Street Journal, comnetism came directly out of the hubris associated with the Bush Presidency.

At a Tampa, FL convention, when asked about Florida in the upcoming Presidential election after the immense controversy of 2000, Bush replied “This Island, this island will be my island.”